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"I knew Dr. Sterett personally for many years, but was first treated by him back in 2003.

It was a very unique situation where I had terrible infection in my ankle that had plagued me for five months.  The infection turned to Osteomyelitis and a physician I had been seeing in Denver suggested an extremely invasive surgery which would have taken away my ability to recreate in any normal way.  No more running, skiing, biking, etc.  I called Dr. Sterett in an extreme panic, and he spoke with the Denver physician, called me back and asked me to check into the surgery center immediately that evening and performed surgery the very next morning.  Eight weeks later I was 100% and have never had an issue with my ankle since.

I am now in my mid-forties, and seem to be plagued with constant, 'getting old issues' with my back, shoulders, etc., Dr. Sterett has become my go-to physician for all things orthopedics.

I have referred many, many friends and family members to Dr. Sterett over the past decade, and continue to get thank you notes and phone calls from them singing his praises.

Dr. Sterett and his team provide a professional process, while creating a comfortable and informative environment for his patients." 

 James, Vail, Colorado

"My wife and I have had five different orthopedic surgeries with Dr. Sterett over the last sixteen years.  We can best describe him with two words: competence and compassion. 
Dr. Sterett's skill as a surgeon is without equal.  There is not an orthopedic condition which he has not dealt with many times in the past.  The overwhelmingly positive results of his surgeries speak for themselves. I remember being impressed at our first encounter when my wife was going to have ACL surgery with the fact that he was doing five or six similar knee surgeries on the same day.  
Along with supreme competence, Dr. Sterett injects a great deal of compassion into his dealings with patients. He does not rush and will answer patiently all questions and discuss all options until the topic has been exhausted.  He will even help resolve orthopedic issues which are not necessarily within his field of specialty. 
I recommend Dr. Sterett unhesitatingly and have in fact sent several grateful patients to him for consults and surgeries.

Andy, Aspen, Colorado


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